Feature Films

Star Light

Directed by Reel Fleet Founder, Lee Cummings.

A kind-hearted teenager, Dylan, attempts to save a runaway popstar, Bebe A. Love, from a threatening manager. Fearing for Bebe’s safety, Dylan seeks shelter at a friend’s house, turning a fun graduation party into a night of living hell. Watch Star Light

Starring: Scout Taylor-Compton, Liana Ramirez, Tiffany Shepis, Rahart Adams, Garrett Westton, Geoff Callan, Bret Roberts, Hagen Mills, Kevin Jiggetts

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Short Films

The Sleeper

The new kid in town, Todd, is eager to make friends with the popular students on campus. Unbeknownst to him however, all is not as it seems. As Todd’s world gets turned upside down, it’s up to an unlikely ally to step in a save the day. 

Release Date: Coming soon. 

Starring: Marlon A. Medina, Shendel Villar, Fylisha Kruse

TV Series

Chaotic Rentals

Vegas likes to do things (a little) over the top, and Chaotic Rentals is no different. Follow the wacky adventures of 3 very different co-workers as they try to outwit each other, deal with crazy customers, and tackle the many other absurdities that come with the car rental industry. 

Currently in production. 

Starring: Fylisha Kruse, Marlon A. Medina, Chris Elliot, Jeremy Chavez, Freddy Martinez, Kaylee Lin


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Student Films

The Nightmare Within

A young man haunted by nightmares comes to the startling realization that he may slowly be losing control of his mind and body. 

Directed by Marcello Artino.

Echo of Shadows

A school girl with a troubled past decides to mess with the fabric of time in an attempt to save a civilization from destruction. 

Written by Alberto Nieto.

Call Me

A lonely, socially awkward man thinks he's met his dream girl. She checks all the boxes, but something isn't quite right with this love story. 

Directed by Garette Fritz.

Live and Let Die

Relationships. Love. It's complicated. Follow a young man's vengeful drive as he seeks to rectify certain wrongdoings in his life.

Directed by Julian Linero.

[UNTITLED] Analog Project

Playing with spirits. Communicating with the dead. It's all make believe right? These partygoers end up being sorely mistaken.

Written by Stephen Woods.