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Get ready to ignite your passion for storytelling with The Reel Fleet Academy, where we're all about crafting the next wave of film directors and creative trailblazers. Dive into an exciting learning experience designed for the modern creative.

Online Courses

Unlock Cinematic Magic, Anywhere.

Break free from the conventional classroom with our Online Courses! Dive into our dynamic curriculum from the comfort of your favorite hangout spot. Interactive content, peer connections, and a pace that fits your vibe — this is where your cinematic dreams unfold at your own beat.

Mentorship Programs

Elevate Your Craft to the Fullest.

Experience the ultimate mentorship with our in-person sessions or go hybrid for a flexible approach. Our mentors, the real-life wizards of the industry, bring the cool factor to your learning journey. Personalized guidance, industry insights, and a virtual + face-to-face blend.

In-Person Workshops

Immerse Yourself in All Things Film.

Level up your skills with our intensive In-person Workshops, the ultimate crash course in filmmaking. Think of it as a week-long festival where you're the star. Collaborate with cool industry insiders, experiment with the latest tech, and unleash your creative vibes. It's not just a workshop; it's a cinema party!

Why The Reel Fleet Academy?

Swaggy Curriculum

Learn from industry pros with a curriculum as cool as your playlist.

Hands-on Awesomeness

Dive into real-world experiences in a vibe-friendly environment.

Connect & Create

Network with your tribe — fellow creatives, mentors, and the who's who.

Career Hype

Get personalized advice to slay the competitive film scene.

Student Testimonials

What our students have to say: